Why Laminate Flooring is popular

Laminate flooring is a very hot release from the flooring industry. This is a revolutionary product that is satisfying customers day in and day out. It is especially preferred by homeowners who are young and who wish to modernize their interiors by not spending too much money. Laminate flooring is the first choice of the active families of today. This product is not only attractive because it is reasonably priced as opposed to other options of flooring but it is also extremely durable. It is capable of sustaining a lot of traffic as well as demanding external factors in order to stay in very good condition.

Laminate flooring is durable because of the revolutionary methods of manufacture as well as working materials that are used for producing it. Genuine products like tile and wood floors are made of fiberboard. Laminate flooring is manufactured by gluing many layers of material and exerting medium or high pressure. These layers are joined in order to produce a highly resistant and stable product. Five characteristic layers are used in the process of manufacturing in order to give the flooring more protection, balance, stability, design and resistance to wear and tear. You will come across a huge variety of options in design to select from in laminate flooring. This is easy to understand because the motifs that are displayed on laminates are provided by a simple paper that is printed. Hence, when customers are on the lookout for a particular design, they have the chance of choosing from an innumerable variety of tile and wood reproductions for which they do not have to pay the price of authentic products. Homeowners can make use of laminates in order to achieve an authentic tile and wood facsimile for just two thirds of the price of the original products. The core of the laminate planks is hard. This makes them ideal to be used in all kinds of interiors. Laminate flooring can be used in places where the traffic is intensive and where heavy furniture is installed like stores and offices because one will not have to bother about the flooring being subjected to different kinds of plank damages like indentations. On the contrary, laminate flooring can be safely installed in areas that have heating systems set under the floor and in places that are prone to moisture like hallways and bathrooms. Laminate planks do not lose their shape as is the case of floors made of real wood that will definitely warp and shrink on exposure to severe humidity and temperature shift. Other characteristics of laminates are easy maintenance and cleaning. Laminate flooring can easily be used in kitchens as well as other areas that are subject to spills regularly.

The traditional method of installation required laminate floors to be glued. Nowadays, manufacturers have come up with glueless formats that are revolutionary. These procedures have cut the costs as well as installation time in half. Laminate flooring can also be installed on flooring that exists like cement, wood floors and tiles.

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