Flooring Accessories

We stock Flooring accessories for all types of flooring installation. We have the best deals on Laminate Flooring Underlayment, (LVP) Luxury Vinyl Underlayments. 

Underlayment is the cushion between the subfloor and the flooring. From moisture control to shock absorption, underlayment can improve your flooring experience. Here’s what underlayment does for you: Smooth out you floor Floor—The subfloor may be uneven, creating a rough walking surface. Underlayment fills in gaps and levels the floor out so the flooring can be smooth. The smoother floor allows for an easier walking experience due to the softness of the underlayment. 100% Moisture Protection—It is mandated by the flooring manufacturers that a water vapor barrier needs to be installed before the flooring is laid. Our underlayment meets and exceeds the necessary protection requirements. Acoustic Sound Barrier—Underlayment acts as an acoustic enhancer, improving the sound quality both in the room, and in the room below. Temperature Control—Underlayment acts as an insulator, limiting the effect of cold or heat under the floor from affecting the floor surface temperature.

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