Luxury Vinyl Plank Care & Maintenance

Your premium luxury vinyl tile or Luxury Vinyl plank flooring will provide years of carefree use. Its innovative joint system ensures a tight seal that blocks dirt and dust from accumulating underneath your floor, plus the tough protective finish and moisture resistance makes it much easier to maintain than other flooring products. To clean simply sweep regularly and wash with a non-abrasive floor cleaner. For everyday maintenance, a mop moistened with warm water will suffice. The manufacturer recommends using a neutral pH cleaner do not use soap-based detergents abrasive or mop and shine products wax vacuum cleaner with rotating beater bar high-speed buffer ammonia or bleaches however for spot treatment a diluted ten to one solution of water and bleach is tolerable for stain removal.

Always read the cautionary information on all cleaners prior to use you can also maintain the beauty of your floor for years to come. By taking these simple steps to prevent indentations and scratches by using non-staining floor protectors or non-staining felt pads on the legs of chairs appliances and all heavy furniture. For protectors should be at least one inch in diameter. Protect your floor from tracked in dirt by using mats at all outside entrances ensure indoor mats have a non-staining backing. Avoid trekking in tar or asphalt from driveways and parking lots, as this may cause discoloration of the floor to protect your floor against burns from cigarettes, matches or other extremely hot items can cause permanent damage. Do not flood the floor or subject it to standing water.

Never push pull or drag heavy furniture or other items across the floor. When moving furniture or heavy items, always lift and carry the items when possible otherwise use furniture sliders to safely move the object following these easy steps you will be able to preserve the beauty of your floor for many years.

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