Engineered Hardwood Flooring V Solid Hardwood Flooring

Today we’re gonna talk about the differences between solid and engineered hardwood flooring. We get asked a lot from our customers, you know what’s the difference between solid and engineered flooring. Which one’s best for my application? Well, it depends on your application. We know with solid what it is it’s crafted from a solid piece of wood they take bits and they run it through there, and it carves out a tongue on one side and groove on the other very simple process to make hardwood flooring with the engineered there are a few more steps there they take layers of plywood they alternate the directions they heat them they glue them together makes a really stable product, and then they come back and they do the same thing, put the tongue groove on this one as a general rule the big difference is we can use an engineered floor on a concrete slab or below grade a solid.

We can use it on concrete but you don’t want to if you’re gluing this down you’re having to use a really expensive glue what makes that glue expensive is it’s a high solid glue, not a lot of water weighs a lot more than the normal but it gives a lot of resilience in the hold that it has on the wood. So if you do get some moisture in the house due to seasonal changes, leaky faucet whatever when this board expands as solid wood is prone to do. That high solid glue will expand with the wood. It won’t all break loose now when we’re installing an engineered hardwood floor we’re not going to get the movement that we do with a solid that’s why it’s engineered when they change those directions when you add water that way you don’t get the expansion that you do in the solid, therefore we don’t need those expensive glues with an engineered floor. You may hear different from other people but honestly with an engineered especially these high quality Engineered floors, some rather four or five or six ply half-inch engineers you don’t need expensive glue because you’re not going to get the movement.

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