Discount Laminate Flooring Renovation Tips

Hey everyone welcome back during our renovation we had laminate floors installed and since then a lot of you are curious on how we like them so far after living with them for a few months however I do need to share with you that we actually had laminate floors installed after we first got married which was five years ago in our master bedroom and the whole upstairs of our house and that you are looking at pictures of them and as you can see they still look brand-new so that was a really big reason on why we decided to pickling the floors for our renovation now you are looking at our new wood laminate floorsand overall the experience has been great I also want to say that we really love hardwood floors in the wood tile as well but for us and in the phase of life where and the laminate floors ended up being the best option for us.

I will go into those details in a minute but first I want to share with you the burning question our land up floor is durable and the answer is yes, they are very durable but that comes with a disclaimer and that’s because there are really poor quality laminate floors out there and that’s why I have this disclaimer so make sure that you pick a really great quality discount laminate flooring and what I mean by that is make sure that your floors are at least 12 millimeters thick and you get the best and thickest padding available to go under your floors, also I forgot the exact amount but we picked a floor where there are 20 to 30 different floor patterns on the boards so it and it’s printed in different spots on the board every time so each piece is different and you don’t see the same pattern repeating constantly in the floor it can look pretty bad if you constantly do see the same pattern repeating on the floor and it looks especially bad at the same pattern is sitting next to each other on the floor so that normally comes through with your installer so pick an installer you trust who really knows their product and who can educate you and point you in the right direction of your tastes and preferences. So, now I want to talk to you guys about the pros and cons of laminate flooring. Starting with the pros, so the first Pro is they can be easily replaced so unlike wood tile when there you have to chip it up in order to replace it and that’s a really big mess and since we’re playing on keeping our house and turning it into a rental one day we want something that can be easily updated and replaced. Pro number two is that they are not glued down unlike wood that has to be glued down we learn that the glue that they use has an odorless gas and it could be very harmful especially to little infants so I wanted a floating floor.

I know there are floating wood floor options but this brings me to pro number three for laminate floors and that is the price real wood floors in wood tile believe it or not we’re all about twice the price of laminate flooring. Pro number four is that they’re easy to keep clean you guys know I love that and pro number five is that they are durable they do not scratch easily or warp easily we’ve actually had a minor dishwasher and washing machine leak with no damage so we found that the water actually has to sit on there for a pretty long time before it starts to work unless maybe you picked a poor quality laminate flooring and yours might have worked right away but we have had no issue in this area now for the cons of within the flooring the first con is they can work even though I did that it doesn’t happen easily in the case of a flood or something your floors would need to be completely replaced however you do have the same risk with real hardwoods as well I also would not recommend laminate floors for a bathroom the scene would probably destroy them after a while call number two and the biggest con for me is that they can chip if you drop something heavy on them and they cannot be resurfaced so again it doesn’t happen very often and it takes something really heavy to make them chip but it has happened to me I drop something in my kitchen and I’d love to scratch as you can see this is a picture of or some footage of the scratch but what you don’t see is that you can color it in with some permanent marker and nobody would be able to tell any more con number three is the bottom of your furniture can scat scratch your floors over time and that can’t really be colored in at all so put felt pads on the bottom of everything and your floors will always look perfect cotton number four is that they are a little high maintenance compared to tile, Tile is hard to break chip or scratch and you never have to worry about water and they are easy to keep clean.

lastly I just want to share this tip with you and that is I prefer floors made in the United States or Canada as opposed to China because they’re having problems with some of the China manufacturers where they found too much formaldehyde in the press wood even though it said that means the California compliances so again just educate yourselves. Now all in all we felt like the pros outweigh the cons, and although I will be honest with you guys hardwood, real hardwood floors are my dream floors but we have to find the bigger picture and that is this isn’t going to be our forever home so we really wanted to stay within a certain budget and for us we feel like we got the best of both worlds the look of hand-scraped wide plank dark wood floors without the price and of course a durability we enjoy them after living with them for five years so that’s why we chose it again during our renovation.

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